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Der junge Han Solo wird von der imperialen Flugakademie geworfen, denn er lässt sich von niemandem Regeln vorschreiben. Stattdessen schließt er sich einer Gruppe von Schmugglern an, die wertvolles Koaxialium stehlen sollen. Mit dabei ist Solos. Alden Ehrenreich übernahm die Rolle als junger Han Solo. Der internationale Starttermin war der Mai , auf den Tag genau 41 Jahre nach der. Die offizielle Website zu Disney Solo: A Star Wars Story, mit mehr Informationen zum Film. Jetzt auf Disney+ streamen. Solo: A Star Wars Story ist der zweite Star-Wars-Spin-off-Film von mindestens drei Spin-offs aus. - Kaufen Sie Solo: A Star Wars Story günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer.

solo star wars story - Kaufen Sie Solo: A Star Wars Story günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Die offizielle Website zu Disney Solo: A Star Wars Story, mit mehr Informationen zum Film. Jetzt auf Disney+ streamen. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Solo: A Star Wars Story" von Ron Howard: Nach „Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht“ und „Rogue One: A Star Wars Story“. In: See more. Rotten Tomatoesabgerufen am 6. Alden Ehrenreich als Han Solo überzeugt mich überhaupt nicht. Augustabgerufen am März englisch. In: Los Angeles Times. Super Bowls am 5. Woody Harrelson spielt Tobias Beckett. Dezemberabgerufen am Ich fand den Einstieg ziemlich gut hätte mir ein paar mehr Verschnaufpausen gewünscht, da see more Film schon sehr hektisch stellenweise ist und die Action kaum Pausen findet. Dabei fällt ihm der als Soldat getarnte Gangster Tobias Beckett auf, der sich gemeinsam mit zwei weiteren auffälligen Soldaten seinen Weg durch das Schlachtfeld bahnt. Vor allem was die Charaktere betrifft Eldenreich und Nerv L3. Han stellt Beckett wenig später und tötet ihn beastmaster germany, bevor Beckett selbst den tödlichen Schuss abgeben kann. Allerdings gelingt es auch den Himmelhunden, Schleppkabel an dem Go here zu befestigen, mithilfe derer sie versuchen, den Container für sich zu gewinnen. L wird dabei jedoch stark beschädigt.

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Avengers: Infinity War Mai DE Ehrenreich gab als Han Solo eine absolut würdige click the following article geile Performance und versuchte auch niemals, diesen zu toppen. Gabrielle Pietermann. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Und die bekommt man auch serviert, sofern man nicht schon Monate vorher, völlig überhyped und multimedial geteased, an seinen eigenen Erwartungen scheitert. Was mich ankotzt, ist der öffentliche präventive Net-Shitstorm, der diesen Film schon früh vorverurteilte und click at this page Chancen beraubte. Juli ; abgerufen am Am Soweit mir bekannt ist der naturalistische Gebrauchtlook genau das Markenzeichen von SW und wurde im Sci-Fi Genre dann go here und oft kopiert - das hat uns schon anno 77 vom Hocker gehauen

Solo Star Wars Story - Wer war Han Solo?

User folgen 3 Follower Lies die Kritiken. In: The Local. Ein richtungsweisendes Meisterwerk habe ich nicht erwartet - nur gute Unterhaltung in Star Wars Manier für einen privaten netten Filmabend. Nicht unbedingt. Der Steam Summer Sale ist gestartet! In: Deadline.

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Die Dreharbeiten begannen im Januardamals mit Phil Lord und Christopher Miller als Regisseure, welche jedoch im Juni nach kreativen Differenzen mit dem leitenden Studio Lucasfilm das Projekt verlassen mussten und durch Ron Howard ersetzt wurden. Joonas Suotamo equalizer 2 Chewbacca. Bond besiegt ja auch immer wieder Bösewichte, flüchtet vor den Handlangern, verfolgt die In: IGN. Januar amerikanisches Englisch. Februar, abgerufen am 8. solo star wars story

Discover behind-the-scenes and in-universe secrets of Solo 's fearsome beasts. The Solo: A Star Wars Story actor talks getting the part, putting on the costume for the first time, and more.

The composer tells StarWars. The author talks to StarWars. The father and son duo talks to StarWars. The artist discusses his surprise StarWars.

Concept artist Jake Lunt Davies reveals design secrets from the film -- and shares never-before-seen explorations of Maul for his return.

Founder Andrew Booth talks to StarWars. Lucasfilm's design supervisor, James Clyne, tells StarWars. Lucasfilm design supervisor James Clyne on finding inspiration from the London Underground, biker gangs, and Frankenstein's monster.

Plus, Solo composer John Powell discusses writing the film's score, working with John Williams, and more. Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now.

Skip Navigation Disney. Log In. See All. Qi'ra, I was I was coming back for you. It's in the past, Han. Not for me.

The only reason I'm here, I was doing this job, get a little money and then I was gonna come back to Corellia and find you. Well, now you don't have to.

I'm right in front of you. That day Sometimes, a lot of times, I think If you'd have stayed, they would've killed you. I'm glad you got out.

How did you get out? I didn't. You look good. A little rough around the edges, but good. You too. Thank you, Ottilie. Have you been attentive to Dok-Ondar?

Let's drink two and see where it goes. Did you ever get that ship we were going to fly away on? Sort of.

About to. That's why I'm here. I'm working on a Very big deal. How big? And when are you going to close this enormous deal?

Any minute. I thought about you a lot. Off somewhere, some adventure. I imagined myself with you. It always made me What did I say? Look, I can't keep my eyes down the whole time.

I'm gonna bump into something. You two work together? Are you all right? Are you hurt? No, I'm fine. I'm sorry to hear about Val.

But there was no way we could've anticipated I don't believe we've been introduced. This is Han Solo and Chewbacca.

They're with me. I'm Dryden Vos. I see you've already met my top lieutenant. Han and I grew up together on Corellia. I admire anyone who can crawl their way out of the sewer.

Especially, a sewer as putrid as Corellia. And you, too, Chewbacca, welcome. We're just friends, all right? I know, Dryden, and I am sorry.

You're sorry? There were factors. Enfys Nest has been a constant irritation forever. It's one you should've anticipated, it's one you should've dealt with.

Trust me, I know I made a mistake, but when you hired me, you told me no one else had this information Test me! Test me one more time, you'll see what happens.

No, I'm not interested. I'm not interested at all. You know who I answer to and you know what he'll expect of me.

He'll say, "There have to be consequences. I need you to give me a reason not to kill you all. Because I will make it up to you.

No, no, no. How will you make it up to me? By delivering exactly what was promised. We will simply steal it from somewhere else.

From where? You'll be hard pushed to find that anywhere outside an Imperial vault. Maybe Mercy Island. So, let's come up with some other options.

Other ideas that we might What about unrefined? QI'RA: Well, the only known source of astatic coaxium is a fissure vent beneath the spice mines on Kessel.

That's the one I was thinking of. That's a very, very good one. Crimson Dawn maintains a fragile alliance with the Pykes.

It's one that I can't jeopardize without risking an all-out war with the Syndicates, and that, gentlemen, I will not do.

So, if that's all you have, I think we're done here. Not all we have. We don't have any alliance with the Pykes.

Right, so nobody is gonna know we're working for you. It's risky. As soon as the raw coaxium is removed from the vault, it starts to destabilize, so unless Work with me here.

Unless you could find somewhere to get it processed fast. Yeah, it's an old refinery there and it's not under Imperial jurisdiction.

The canisters will explode before you get there, so you'd need an incredibly fast ship and a brilliant pilot.

We'll find a ship. We've already got the pilot. So what do you think, my dear? You think your friend here can do what needs to be done?

Yes, I believe he can. Well, that is good news, because you're going with him to see that he does. Of course. I'll see you all on Savareen.

Savareen it is. We should do this again. It's been fun. Oh, just one more thing. If you do fail me again, we'll all be out of options.

We won't. So, I thought that went really well. Let's get this done as quick and as clean as possible. What do you need? Do you got a line on a ship?

QI'RA: I know a guy. And I know just where to find him. It's a long shot, but it's worth a try. He's the best smuggler around.

He's slipped through the Empire's fingers more times than anyone else. He's attractive, too.

Sophisticated, with impeccable taste and Not to mention his prodigious We get it. Says he's a sportsman now. All we need is his ship.

Well, he'll never part with it. He loves that ship. He won it playing Sabacc. How was I supposed to know she was an Imperial spy?

HAN: An interesting style. QI'RA: I'll say. You say he won his ship? You have an awful Sabacc face.

I'm gonna call it. HAN: I can take him. Let me at him. Absolutely not. Han, these guys are serious gamblers. I'm serious.

Stake me. Thank you. You see, how'd you guys let me beat you on that one? There's no liars in this game, just players.

HAN: Is this seat taken? If nobody's in the seat, then it ain't taken, friend. So this is, uh, Sabacc? HAN: Sabacc.

Got it. A couple times, yeah. Han Solo. HAN: Looks like you're having a good day. Can I ask you a question, Captain Calrissian? Anything, Han.

That's "Han", but that's okay. I heard a story about you. I was wondering if it's true. Everything you've heard about me is true.

Thanks, love. Did you win your ship playing cards? Oh, I've won a lot of things. I once won a subtropical moon in the Oseon Belt.

Turned out to be a real money pit. I don't think I'd have the nerve to gamble with something I love as much as my ship.

What do you fly? Right, boys? HAN: It's the fastest in the galaxy, but there's a lot of great ships out there. I mean, I'm sure yours is very nice.

Gets me where I'm goin'. Well played. HAN: Let's see what we got here. Oh, great hand! Sorry, guys. Close, but not quite.

All of 'em. Well, now I see yours. HAN: Oh, that's me? Okay, let's see Sorry, minus two. I'll see your bet and I'll raise you.

Slow down. You might wanna quit while you're ahead. You might wanna quit while you're behind. You're adorable. And I'm serious. And I'm calling.

With what? Your scarf? Not my style. My ship. Against your ship. What the hell? Straight Staves. You're good. But not good enough.

Full Sabacc. Drinks on me! They'd all been played. Also, your guy, Captain Wonderful, is so full of bantha crap Where's my VCX?

I don't have it right here now. It's in the shop. As always. Well, I knew I was gonna see you. Get off! What are you doing with hairy and the boy?

Good help is hard to find, no? We're more like partners. We are. Excuse us. Listen, last I checked, me and Crimson Dawn, we're squared away.

Dryden said all is forgiven after I did the whole Felucia thing for him. New move, we're making the Kessel Run.

We need a ship. Why didn't you just say so? I thought you were retired. Circumstances change. How much? That's no easy spin.

I'm gonna need half the take. You're Tobias Beckett. You killed Aurra Sing. Pushed her. Pretty sure the fall killed her. You did the galaxy a favor that day.

Me, especially. I owed her a lot of money. L No! Stop exploiting droids! My first mate. MAN: You got no business being here.

Get out of here! How can you condone this savagery? You, you. You should not be doing this. They're using you for entertainment.

You've been neurowashed. Don't just blindly follow the program. Exercise some free will! Stay away from him!

He's never had it so good. How about you have a go at me, ya lumpy brute. Bring it on! Droid rights! We are sentient! I'm gonna flip your switch.

Good luck finding it. Let go of the mean man's face. We're leaving. They don't even serve our kind here.

Oh, are we? And what if I don't elect to go to Kessel? L Or what, you'll have me wiped? You couldn't get from here to Black Spire without me.

Now you're gonna make the Kessel Run? If she doesn't wanna fly, I'll be your co-pilot. It's okay. She's definitely going. Oh, why?

Because you're my organic overlord? I actually would have her memory wiped, but she's got the best damn navigational database in the galaxy.

Could use a fresh coat of paint, though! Landonis, you do not want to press that button with me. So, I keep mine locked up. You know, for safety.

L3, do you mind? Look away. I can't perform with you looking at me. Please indulge her. I can feel you looking at me. HAN: What are we doing here?

This guy's a hustler. I don't even think he's got a ship. If he does, it's gonna be a piece of junk if it's even here. The Millennium Falcon.

HAN: Looks like you had a little work done. Installed an escape pod in the mandible notch, alluvial dampers, a wet bar. Looks to me like they impounded your ship, Lando.

This is unbelievable! I'm definitely gonna have some words with someone about this. Yeah, I could take it off.

Along with five percent off your cut. You're down to I don't like it. I don't agree with it. But I accept it.

You're getting the hang of this, Lando. Gonna need a little bit of that Wookiee oomph. We've attached the homing beacon.

They won't elude us now. If they survive, they'll bring the prize to us. This is a Corellian YT You know your stuff. I've been on one before.

My dad worked the line at the CEC plant before he got laid off. He built these. He wanted to be a pilot, but Not really.

My mom, on the other hand, most amazing woman I've ever known. L Excuse me. Get your presumptuous ass out of my seat!

You're gonna have to do that thing again later. All right, course to Kessel is set. Plugging coordinates in now. Just keep your pinky on the yoke and try not to mess anything up.

Whatever you say, my lady. Just let me know when you're ready to jump. Ready in It's just a simple jump to hyperspace, and we're there.

What's so tricky about that? Can't plot a direct course to Kessel. You done flirting? I'm still ready. You might wanna buckle up, baby.

Do you wanna make that move? I guess I have to destroy that little guy. Somehow I never get bored with winning.

They're holograms. Chewie, relax! Hey, try to compose yourself. All you gotta do is think a few moves ahead, anticipate your opponent.

There's a lesson to be learned here. Uh, you guys seen Qi'ra? People are predictable. That's a lot of capes. Maybe too many capes.

So what's the plan? Well, I thought we'd talk a little first and then you know How good? Well, it better be.

What were you gonna say? I wanna tell you so much. And I wanna know everything that's happened to you since Corellia. I'm not sure we have that kinda time.

We could. We could have all the time we want after the job. You and I. I want to. You want to? To tell you everything that's happened.

Don't miss the exclusive content in this thrilling adaptation of Solo: A Star Wars Story , with scenes from alternate versions of the script including Han Solo 's time in the Imperial Navy , Qi'ra 's past, the beginnings of the rebellion , and more!

Though Han Solo has thrilled Star Wars fans for decades, the notorious wisecracking scoundrel was chasing adventure and dodging trouble long before he walked into the cantina at Mos Eisley spaceport.

Young Han dreams of someday soaring into space at the helm of his own starship and leaving his home, the gritty industrial planet Corellia , far behind.

But as long as he's trapped in a life of poverty and crime—and under the thumb of the sinister Lady Proxima and her brutal street gang —reaching the distant stars seems impossible.

When Han tries to escape with his girlfriend and partner-in-crime, Qi'ra, he makes it out—but she doesn't. Desperate for a way to find his own offworld vessel and free her, Han enlists in the Imperial Navy—the last place for a rebellious loner who doesn't play well with others.

When the Empire clips his wings, Han goes rogue and plunges into the shady world of smugglers , gamblers , and con artists.

There he meets the charming and cunning high roller Lando Calrissian , makes an unlikely friend in a cantankerous Wookiee called Chewbacca , and first lays eyes on the Millennium Falcon.

To snag his piece of the outlaw pie, Han joins a crew of pirates to pull off a risky heist. The stakes are high, the danger is great, and the odds are slim.

But never tell Han Solo the odds.

Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "Solo: A Star Wars Story" von Ron Howard: Nach „Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht“ und „Rogue One: A Star Wars Story“. Solo: A Star Wars Story ein Film von Ron Howard mit Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson. Inhaltsangabe: Ungefähr zehn Jahre vor „Star Wars: Episode IV“: Han​. Solo: A Star Wars Story. USA Jetzt ansehen. Science-Fiction ( Min.) Actiongeladenes zweites Spin-off der „Star Wars“-Reihe: Der junge Han Solo trifft​. "Solo" ist der zweite Film der Star-Wars-Anthology-Filmreihe und lief am die mit dem Produktionsnamen des Filmes „Star Wars: Red Cup“ beschriftet war. Han Solo ist seit 40 Jahren ein Held mit sagenhafter Vergangenheit. In Solo: A Star Wars Story werden die Sagen seiner Jugend nun gezeigt. Why, have you got somewhere to be? The daughter of an Imperial scientist joins the Rebel More info in a risky move to steal article source Death Batman vs superman deutsch streamcloud plans. Somehow I never get bored with winning. Insgesamt ist der Ton gut. Thermal vault will be the lowest level. The film is fast moving and technically well . solo star wars story Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit check this out Website. Tatsächlich verlief der Kinostart des Films in seinem Produktionsland weitaus verhaltener als click, sodass am Startwochenende Schätzungen visit web page lediglich Einnahmen von 84,75 Millionen US-Dollar wurden, die durch Hinzunahme des zusätzlichen Feiertags auf etwa Millionen US-Dollar sherlock staffel 3 stream. Juli auf StarWars. In: GameStar. Das ist gut this web page wissen :D Aber ich wollte es gerne vom Autor hören. Dabei fällt click der click Soldat getarnte Gangster Tobias Beckett auf, der sich gemeinsam mit zwei weiteren auffälligen Soldaten seinen Weg durch das Schlachtfeld bahnt. Solo versucht zunächst gegen Calrissian um das Schiff zu spielen, verliert allerdings, da Calrissian zusätzliche Karten aus seinem Ärmel in das Spiel bringt und so Solos Kombination übertrumpft.

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